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What Does "CC" Mean in text on Discord? - Domayush

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

cc meaning discord

Discord is a unique social media platform that has gained popularity among various communities worldwide. It offers different features and tools that provide users with a total experience and the ability to create fun and interactive communities. One such feature is "CC" or Closed Captioning, which is helpful to people with hearing impairments.

In this blog post, we'll explore the various meanings of "CC" on Discord and how to apply it in different contexts. We'll also discuss other social media platforms that offer closed captioning or similar features to help users with hearing disabilities.

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Closed Captioning on Discord

Discord users often use "CC" to refer to Closed Captioning, which displays the synchronized text of spoken words from audio or video, aiding those with hearing impairments.

Unfortunately, Discord doesn't offer a native Closed Captioning feature, but users can utilize external apps with this capability, such as the Google Chrome web browser.

Here's how to add closed captioning on Discord using Google Chrome: open Chrome, click on the three dots at the top right, select "Settings," then "Accessibility," and turn on the "Live Caption" toggle. Then log into Discord using the same web browser, and you'll see active closed captioning for your in-voice channel and videos.

  1. Open Google Chrome on your computer.

  2. Click on the three dots in the upper-right corner.

  3. Select "Settings."

  4. Click on "Accessibility" in the left-hand menu.

  5. Turn on "Live Caption" by sliding the toggle to the right.

  6. Log into Discord using the same Google Chrome web browser.

  7. You'll notice active closed captioning for your in-voice channel and videos.

Other Meanings of "CC" on Discord

Here are some other meanings of "CC" on Discord.

Meaning #1: Carbon Copy

Besides Closed captioning, another meaning of “CC” that is commonly used in communication, including on Discord, is “carbon copy”. This refers to the act of sending a copy of a message to someone other than the primary recipient.

In Discord, users can use the “@” symbol to mention someone in a message, but sometimes they may want to include another person in the conversation without directly addressing them. This is where the “CC” function comes in handy.

By typing “CC” followed by the name of the person you want to include, you can send them a copy of the message without having to start a separate conversation. This can be useful in group chats or when trying to get multiple people’s attention at once.

Other social media platforms also use “CC” in similar ways. For example, in email communication, “CC” refers to carbon copy as well. In addition, Twitter users may use “CC” in a tweet to refer to a “community challenge”, where users post content related to a specific topic or theme.

Meaning #2: Credit Card

Another meaning of "CC" on Discord is Credit Card. In this context, "CC" refers to the use of a credit card for purchasing various services like in-game purchases, exclusive bots, and other paid features within the platform.

In some cases, users may encounter an issue where their credit card isn't working, preventing them from making a purchase. To enjoy the paid features on Discord, users must enter their credit card details and complete the transaction process.

It's important to understand the context of the conversation when encountering "CC" on Discord to avoid confusion between Closed Captioning, CC Bot, Carbon Copy, and Credit Card.

Meaning #3: CC Bot

Another meaning of "CC" in the context of online communication is "CC bot". A CC bot is a tool used on various messaging platforms, such as Discord or Slack, that can automatically copy a message and send it to a specific channel or user.

CC bots are particularly useful in group chats or channels, where a message may need to be forwarded to someone who wasn't included in the initial conversation. By using a CC bot, users can easily forward a message to someone else without having to copy and paste the original message themselves.

In addition, some CC bots have advanced features, such as the ability to tag specific users or channels when forwarding a message. This can help ensure that the right people see the message, even if they are not part of the original conversation.

Overall, CC bots can be a helpful tool for streamlining communication on messaging platforms. They can save users time and effort by automating the process of forwarding messages, and can also help ensure that important information is shared with the right people.

Meaning #4: Country Code

Another meaning of "CC" that is commonly used in communication is "Country Code." A country code is a series of digits that are used to represent a specific country or region in telecommunications.

For example, if you were making an international phone call to Australia, you would need to dial their country code "61" before the actual phone number. Similarly, if you were sending a text message to a phone number in Spain, you would need to include the country code "+34" before the phone number.

Country codes are also used in other forms of communication, such as email addresses. When sending an email to someone in a different country, their email address may include their country code as a way of identifying their location.

For example, an email address for someone in the United Kingdom may include the country code "uk" or "gb" as a part of their email domain.

Overall, "CC" can have many different meanings in various contexts, and it's important to understand the specific meaning of the communication medium you're using. Whether it's on Discord, in an email, or on a credit card statement, understanding the context is key to effective communication.

Image for CC

When you send emails you can see the cc field. It means as "Carbon Copy" i.e., the same email will also be forwarded to the address mentioned in the CC section.

email cc meaning

There is another term "BCC" which means Blind Carbon Copy. That sends an email to another person while hiding the address so other people won't know that a blind copy was sent to someone else.

Examples of using "CC"

Here are some examples of how to use "CC" in various contexts:

  1. Mentioning someone else in an email: "I'm sending an email to the client and CCing you so you're in the loop."

  2. Giving credit to a photographer or artist: "The beautiful cover photo was taken by John Smith (CC BY 2.0)."

  3. Using a Discord bot to streamline communication: "Our team uses a CC bot to automatically copy messages to relevant channels."

  4. Providing your credit card information for a purchase: "To complete your order, please provide your CC number, expiration date, and security code."

  5. Indicating the country code for an international phone call: "Don't forget to add the CC before dialing the number to reach our overseas office."


In summary, "CC" can have multiple meanings depending on the context it is used in. It can refer to "Carbon Copy" as a way to mention the same message to someone else, "Credit Card" as a method of payment, "CC Bot" as a feature on social media platforms, and "Country Code" as a way to identify a specific country.

When using social media platforms like Discord, it's important to understand these different meanings to avoid confusion and ensure clear communication.


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