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How to Stream Valorant Voice Chat On Discord - The Ultimate Guide

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

If you are looking for a solution on how to stream Valorant voice chat on Discord, then you are at the perfect place. We have listed all the possible questions and solutions in this guide to help you hear Valorant comms on Discord.

Is it possible to stream Valorant voice chat on Discord? While streaming games like GTA or Valorant, you may have issues streaming your in-game voice chat. You may not hear the chat in the Discord stream when you have push-to-talk enabled or talk and mute in the game.

This issue might occur because of various reasons. Hearing the Valorant comms is essential as it allows the viewers to understand what is happening in the game.

How to hear Valorant comms in Discord Stream?

how to hear valorant comms in Discord stream

If you have multiple voice input and output devices, it's better to check if your windows settings are applied correctly. Check if both Discord and Valorant use the same microphone and if both applications use the same output device.

Check the audio levels and set them according to the needs. If all settings are well set, you can try our second method to fix the Valorant comms issue.

How to make Discord stream hear the game voice chat?

how to hear valorant voice chat in Discord stream

To make your stream viewers hear your in-game voice chat, you can follow the step below to fix the comms issue:

  1. Run Discord as Administrator

  2. Close all other apps using input devices

  3. Update the activity status manually

  4. Reset all voice settings of the Discord app

  5. Turn on all the options available in the "Screenshare" Menu

  6. Reset your audio drivers

And that's it. That should fix your Valorant voice chat issue on Discord. If the issue persists, you can continue reading this post, as we have mentioned more methods to fix your problems.

How to stream audio from Discord app on your Computer?

If you are trying to stream audio from your Discord app, you'll need to toggle the "Sound" option in your Discord voice settings. Note that people will also be able to hear you from your microphone.

When you are ready, choose "Go Live" so other viewers can see you. Now you are all set! Invite your friends by creating an invite in that voice channel.

Why I cannot use voice chat in Valorant?

If you cannot use voice chat in Valorant, you'll need to check if your voice inputs are connected correctly.

Here's how you can do it:

  1. Open Valorant settings

  2. Click on "Audio"

  3. Hover on "Input devices."

  4. Check if the microphone is showing up

  5. Select your microphone

  6. Set incoming volume accordingly

  7. Click on "Close Settings"

This should immediately apply the settings, and you will be able to use voice chat in Valorant. If it doesn't connect to your microphone, then restart the game.

How to stream Valorant in Discord without Lagging?

If your viewers are experiencing screen delays while streaming Valorant in Discord, then you will need to enable Hardware acceleration from the Discord Settings.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Open Discord Settings

  2. Click on the "Advanced" menu

  3. Toggle "Hardware Acceleration" OFF

Discord hardware acceleration

Hardware acceleration uses your GPU to make Discord run smoother. Turning this off decreases your load on GPU and makes your game experience faster. This also helps to stream games without frame lag.

Why can't I hear Valorant voice chat on Discord screen share?

If you cannot hear Valorant voice chat on your Discord screen share, then the easiest fix for this is to run the game in "Administrator mode." This gives the game all the required permissions to add in-game voice in the Stream.

You run the game in administrator mode by simply right-clicking the game and clicking on the "Run as Administrator" button.

This should fix the game voice chat issue. If the issue persists, you can try other methods listed in this post.

What is HRTF in Valorant?

HRTF in Valorant is used as audio enhancements that were added as patch 2.06 in the game to improve the spatial audio.

If you already have any 3D enhancements or surround sound software, you'll need to disable them to avoid any audio issues in Valorant.

How to stream Discord in another Discord?

If you are trying to stream Discord in another Discord application, you can do this by turning on Stream on the Discord app and another stream on the Discord web app.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Open the Discord app and go live

  2. Open your default browser

  3. Search for Discord

  4. Click on "Open Discord in my web browser."

  5. Join the same Voice chat

  6. Click on Go Live

This is a bug and recently got fixed by Discord. But it still works on some devices. You can try your luck.

Discord and Valorant voice chat issue

I can hear my teammates, but my voice doesn't reach them.

If you can hear your teammates but your teammates cannot hear you, then it may be cause your microphone is not connected correctly. The first thing to check is your input device. You can do this on Discord and Valorant by entering Settings > Audio > Input Devices.

Ensure that the applications are not using the default microphone, as they may have issues. The second you can do is to exclude your applications from Antivirus scanning.

Here's how you can exclude your apps from antivirus scanning:

  1. Open your Antivirus applications such as Kaspersky, Avast, McAfee, etc.

  2. Head over to Virus & Threat Protection settings.

  3. Now click on Add Exclusions.

  4. Now, Add Discord & Valorant and save the settings

  5. Now restart your PC.

Why does my Discord stream have no sound?

This can be a cause of several issues. In some cases, the issue appears when you try to stream an application or game in full screen. Due to this, the application's sound is not detected by Discord. You can fix it by using the application in a minimized mode.

Alternatively, you can choose a speaker as an output device and an external microphone as your input device. In this way, your game audio will be transmitted from the speaker to your viewers via a microphone.

Another issue can be your faulty audio driver. One of the most common issues you can quickly fix is updating your Windows drivers manually by downloading them from the official site or using the "automatically update" driver features.

Discord stream stuck on loading or not loading

If your DIscord stream is stuck on the loading screen, then you can try the following steps to solve your issue:

  1. Restart your computer

  2. Run Discord as an administrator

  3. Turn off your antivirus program

  4. Clear Discord file cache

  5. Turn off Hardware Graphic acceleration from Discord settings

  6. Check your internet connection speed

  7. Reinstall Discord

These methods should solve your issues. If the issue persists, you can try streaming on a different device to check if it's a hardware issue. If it's not working on any system, you should try contacting the Discord support team to solve your issue.

How do I fix stream buffering?

If you are having issues with stream buffering, then there are chances that your internet connection is not fast enough to load that stream. The best you can do is to restart your Wifi router or turn on airplane mode on your mobile phone and then turn it off.

discord voice region change

Alternatively, you can ask an admin to change the voice region to your country so you'll have less ping and you won't face any issues while using the voice chat. Note that only that specific chat will be transferred to your region, so there are chances that you may face the same issue in other voice channels.


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