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How To Nuke A Discord Server Without Admin - The Ultimate Guide

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

how to nuke a discord server

While using Discord, you may have encountered a term called "Discord Nuke." Discord nuke means clearing all the channels in the server and banning all the current members of your Discord server, basically destroying a Discord server.

To nuke a Discord Server, you can use a nuke script. But we don't recommend it as it's against Discord TOS.

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How to nuke a Discord server without admin?

To nuke a Discord server without having admin permissions, you'll need to use one of the following tricks:

  1. Hack an Admins account and nuke the server

  2. Manipulate an admin by using deceiving techniques

  3. Convenience an admin to invite your bot and get its admin permissions

These are some ways you can use to nuke a Discord server without having admin permissions. If you successfully use the bot trick, you can quickly run a Nuke Script and nuke the server.

The nuke bots can kick/ban everyone from the server while nuking the channels though it may take a while for the bot to do that.

Alternatively, you can raid a Discord by using these methods. They may get you banned by the server moderators, but these are safer than using scripts or self-bots.

  1. Spam ping everyone or some kind of pingable role.

  2. Spam images with flashing lights/NSFW.

  3. Spam annoying long lines of text.

  4. Send DM advertisements to server members.

  5. Play distorted music in voice channels.

  6. Spam direct messages to the server owner.

Try to use these methods when moderators and server owners are not around to increase the chances of a successful raid. Though you'll get banned when the admins or mods come around as the members will report you. So do it at your own risk.

How to nuke a Discord server using a bot script?

C-real is a discord nuke bot hosted on GitHub and developed by TKperson. This bot offers 51+ commands to customize your nuking process and make it more efficient. Their team has combined queue requests, threading, and the API to make the bot more efficient and run faster.

The bot also has channel bomb and category bomb commands, creating random channels and categories of any amount. Perfect for raiding a server. You can read a complete list of commands in the manual provided by the team on their GitHub page.

Here's how to make a nuke bot Discord:

  1. Download and extract the bot file from the GitHub page

  2. Install API if you haven't installed it earlier.

  3. Run the .py file you downloaded from the GitHub page.

  4. Enter your bot token in the token field.

  5. Enter your user id or Discord tag from which you'll use the bot's commands.

All set! Now you can command the bot with your Discord account. To see all available commands use the .help command.

Installing Discord py command:

py -3.6 -m pip install -U

To Get your Discord bot token, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Discord developer portal by going here.

  2. Log in with your Discord account if you haven't already.

  3. Click on the "Create a new application" button.

  4. Enter the name of your bot.

  5. After adding the name, you can customize the bot's appearance by adding an icon and setting up a description.

  6. Click on the "Bot" menu and click on the "Add Bot" button.

  7. After that, click on the "Create Token" button to generate a new token.

And that's it. Now copy the token and paste it into your bot's API section.

Note: Do not share your bot tokens with anyone. That can be misused, and your account may get banned by Discord for violating their TOS.

So, here's how to make a nuke bot on Discord. You can use this nuke bot to nuke your server or other servers (which we don't recommend).

How to nuke a Discord server on mobile?

If you are trying to nuke a Discord server on a mobile phone, you can use a nuke bot like Xenon or delete the server manually.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to nuke a Discord server on mobile:

  1. Invite Xenon bot to your Discord server.

  2. Give the bot admin permissions.

  3. Use the following command to nuke the Discord Server.

Xenon Nuke Command:

/template load name_or_id: WgF8svhfgp97

The template will have the following channels and roles:

raid template discord

You can customize the channels in any way you want. This is a template that you can use to raid a server (which we don't recommend).

The other way to nuke a Discord server on the mobile phone is to delete the Discord server from the server settings.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Head over to "Server Settings" from the server menu.

  2. After scrolling a bit, you'll see an option to "Delete Server."

  3. Click on it. It'll ask for your authentication code (If you have 2-FA enabled).

  4. After entering the 2-FA code, click on "Delete Server."

And that will delete the entire server, including the channels, roles, and members.

Here's a tip, before deleting the server entirely, inform the members in the server to join the new server so you can transfer your audience without losing them.

How to nuke a Discord server without having permission?

To nuke a Discord server, you'll need the highest permissions in the server, i.e., the admin or the owner role. You can get these permissions by using one of our tricks listed above.

You can also use a nuke bot to nuke a Discord server.

If you don't like the server or the server violates the Discord TOS, you can report it to the Discord Safety team on their support page. With this, you'll follow the Discord TOS and will make an admin go rogue against a server.

How to steal ownership of a Discord Server?

You'll first need access to the Owner's account to steal ownership of a Discord server. This process can be a little complicated as it may require you to do Social Engineering.

That means first; you'll need to become friends with the Owner and sneakily try to steal the ownership of the server.

Once you get access to the account, here are the steps to transfer ownership of the server:

  1. Head over to "Server Settings,"

  2. Click on User Management,

  3. Search for the user to whom you want to transfer ownership.

  4. Right-click on the user, and you'll see an option to "Transfer Ownership."

  5. Click continue, and that's it.

Now the server ownership will be transferred to the account you want, and you can use it to nuke the server or permanently delete it.

Can you use a Nuke bot to delete a Discord Server?

Practically, it is impossible to nuke a Discord server with a nuke bot. But you can nuke a server with a self-bot. That means you'll use your auth token instead of using the bot token. But note that using a self-bot is against Discord TOS.

When you use a self-bot once, you get a 24-hour temporary ban by the Discord team instantly, and if you keep using it, your account will get permanently banned by the Discord Safety team.

Does admin have the same permissions as the Owner?

The Owner of the server creates the admin role. The admin can do almost everything to manage the server, even nuke the server. That's why it's a dangerous permission.

The Owner is at the top of the hierarchy of roles. The significant difference between the admin and the Owner is that the Owner can kick the admin. The admins cannot kick other admins as they have the same permissions even if the other admin's role is down in the role hierarchy.

How to protect your server from nukes?

You can do various things to protect your server from getting nuked. Usually, the best way is to use bots for moderation like mee6 or dyno bot. These bots ease the work of moderating the server and preventing the server from being raided.

There's a bot called Wick that is also called an anti-nuke bot or anti-spam bot. Only the Owner can set up this bot as it needs the highest permissions on the server.

This bot helps track down rouge admins trying to raid the server by preventing changes in the server and locking down channels. It gives us the extra security you need to protect your server from Raids and Trolls.

Honestly, in my opinion, I would say Wick is the best bot when it comes to protecting your server, it has a ton of protection measurements, and it's pretty easy to set up.

Alternatively, follow the tips below to keep your account safe from hackers and protect your server from getting nuked or raided.

  1. Be wary of random friend requests. Sometimes, scam bots will send random friend requests to seem more human.

  2. First, change your password to boot out anyone on your account. Changing your password will refresh your account token, kicking out any hackers if they've gained access. This will also force the log out of all active sessions.

  3. Consider enabling two-factor authentication.

  4. Set up your privacy & safety settings.

  5. Never give away account information to ANYONE - Discord will never ask you for your password, sensitive wallet data, token, or ANY private information about your account.

  6. Never download unfamiliar files from anyone you don't know or trust.

  7. Never click on unfamiliar or unexpected links.

According to Discord, they do not distribute information secondhand through users or chainmail messages.

If another account is claiming otherwise, they are lying.

How to nuke a Discord server without admin? (Video)

Here you can learn about how to nuke a Discord server without admin perms with a script bot. It shows how to nuke a Discord server without admin using Xenon Bot. In this way, you can nuke Discord servers without having admin perms.

Can I hack a friend's discord server and take ownership?

Yes, you can. But for that, you have to learn the social engineering part that we saw earlier. However, I won't recommend you hack into someone's computer and take ownership of their Discord server. Hacking can lead to legal action by your local authorities.

You can also use a self-bot nuke script in your friend's account. That will nuke their Discord server and also get their account banned by Discord, as using a self-bot is against Discord TOS. And if they have server ownership in that account, the server will get deleted automatically.

Doing all these things may compromise your account and get you banned by the Discord safety team, so I recommend you do not try these things.

How do I take back my nuked Discord server?

If your account got hacked and your Discord server got nuked, the best you can do is to change your account's password asap. After ensuring that your account is safe and that the hacker does not have access to your Discord account or server, you can see that you'll have access to the server again.

But it'll be in the worst condition as it got nuked. To revert your Discord to what it was, we recommend you keep a backup template on bots like Xenon and use it to load your original server template.

If your server got deleted, then all you can do is rebuild, hopefully, wiser. Enable 2-FA in your account to keep it safe from hackers, and use backup bots like Xenon in the circumstances like these.


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