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Botnet Discord - The Ultimate Guide 2022

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Botnet Discord

Botnet Discord is a group of high-end connected devices that runs bots. These bots perform tasks like sending users friend requests, spam in a server, or even mass dms. You can use botnets to advertise your server among thousands of users of the server at once. We'll see the details of how to use bots for mass dms later in this guide.

Table of Contents

What is botnet in Discord?

What is a botnet Discord server?

How to do mass dms on Discord using Botnets?

Is botnet legal in Discord?

How many Botnets can you have on Discord?

Let's see what botnets are, how it works, how to control them, and how you can use them for your benefit.

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What is Botnet in Discord?

A Botnet is an acronym for "Robot Network," which means a chain or a network of bots connected with each other to perform a specific task. Botnets in Discord are widely used to send phishing links, advertise a site, or get Discord members.

Have you ever wondered how hackers get access to thousands of computers to use for malicious activities? They don't usually wait for a super sale to buy computers for their attack. Instead, they use a network of proxies for their mass campaigns.

Botnets are software programs that run on an automated script on a computer network. And the ones managing & controlling them are called "bot herder."

Botnets are also used for good purposes, e.g., to test a website's limit or other things. But most of the time, it's used for malicious purposes like gaining followers & likes on Instagram, promoting e-commerce sites, DDoS attacks, fake traffic generation, Internet Of Things (IoT) attacks, etc.

What is a Botnet Discord server?

Botnet Discord server is a community server of a famous Youtuber, "The Thiry Virus Bot Net." This Youtuber makes videos on Minecraft SkyBlocks. When Hypixel released the new SkyBlocks, Thirty Virus started making videos on it as it has the highest amount of views.

Thirty Virus, aka Brandon Calabrese, started making videos when he was 13 and exploited many money-making tricks in SkyBlocks and Minecraft plugins. He then proceeded to become more significant and more prominent on YouTube.

The YouTuber has almost 460k subscribers on YouTube and around 50 thousand members on Discord. The Discord server is a little inactive but is a great place to talk about Minecraft and Skyblocks.

Here is the Link to join the Thirty Virus Botnet Discord.

How to do mass DMS on Discord using Botnet?


The automation of Discord accounts, also called self-bots, is against the Discord Terms of Service & Community guidelines. Using these may result in your account being terminated by Discord. This guide is for educational purposes only. We will not be responsible for your actions.

Yes, you can use botnets to mass dms on Discord. But note that it's against Discord TOS and this article is for educational purposes only. To completely understand the process, you'll need a little technical knowledge.

First, you'll need to download the Mass Dm tool called DM Go from the GitHub page. After downloading and extracting the file, follow the steps below to use it:

Note: You'll need your own bot tokens to use the mass dm tool. Bot tokens are basically newly created discord accounts that will be used to dm other users. To generate these, you'll need proxies. You can learn more about proxies here.

Step 1:

Once you have generated the bot tokens, create a token.txt file in the extracted folder and paste all the tokens into that file. Run the dmgo.exe file in your command prompt by right-clicking on it.

Step 2:

botnet discord

First, run the name changer file to change the names of your tokens so they'll look more human. You can do this by choosing "6" for name:pass:token (the format of your tokens), and after that, click on "11". After that, add avatars in the profile folder and choose "12" to change the avatars.

Step 3:

Next, you'll need to do the proxy setup by opening the JSON file and setting "Proxy From File = TRUE."

JSON code snippet:

[{ content: "Hey, someone called you cute in server_link_here" }]

After setting up the proxies, open the Dm Go tool and click on "invite joiner." Here you'll need to provide the target server link. We recommend using the vanity link of that server so your invite won't get revoked by an admin for mass joins.

Step 4:

Next, we'll need to get the member ids of the users we want to DM. Here the tool gives us 3 options. In the first one, the scrapper will get the ids of the users online on that server.

Using the second option, you can even get user ids from a reaction to a message.

In the third option, the scrapper uses brute search to get the ids of all the members in the server, up to 90-95% of members.

Step 5:

When done with scrapping members (it usually takes around 2-3 minutes, depending on the size of the server), you'll need to set up the message you want to send.

You can go into the extracted folder, open the JSON file, and add your message to the content section.

Step 6:

Now it's show time. Let's start with the mass dms. Open the dmgo.exe file and choose "dm advertiser" Press 1 to start sending the dms. And skip the advanced settings by pressing "0".

DM Go has the following features;

  1. Captcha Bypass

  2. Status changer

  3. Avatar changer

  4. Reaction adder

  5. Invite joiner/leaver

  6. Mass Dm tool

So here's how you can use the botnet Discord to promote your stuff on Discord. But as we have mentioned earlier, self-bots are against Discord TOS, which may result in your account being terminated by the Discord Safety Team.

Is using Botnet legal in Discord?

No, using Botnets in Discord is illegal as they are called automated accounts or self-bots that allow users to automate their accounts and perform malicious tasks. But you can still use them by following some precautions so, i.e., use an alternate account so your original account won't get banned.

How many botnets can I have on Discord?

If you are using self-bots with your original account, you can have only one botnet account. But if you are using a proxy or a token service, then there is no limit on how many botnets you can have on discord. You can have an infinite number of bots, but yes, maintaining tons of bots will cost resources.

Botnets on Discord

This bot has a text file where you can place all the tokens you want to use. Multiple configuration files allow you to choose settings like the DM speed, DM message, server invites, and much more.

The bot can work with multiple tokens simultaneously. Here are the steps of how the bot will work:

  • Log in with the account

  • Wait for a user to send a message in the specified channel

  • Adds all the users that send a message in the specified channel

  • Tries to DM that user every X seconds.

Discord may also ask an account for phone verification if the speed is not set correctly. So make sure to keep the DM speed slow to look more human. If an account was verified and detected again by Discord, it might ban the bot and no longer work with the account. But it'll keep working on other accounts until all tokens are banned.

The bot also has a feedback feature where you'll get updates on what is happening with each account it controls. For example, if a user has DMs off, it'll log each action, and you can see the issue with the accounts.


  • The bot costs $99 ( One time purchase)

You can use DMGo instead, which is free and provides the same features.

What is DDoS in Discord?

DDoS in Discord is basically a Denial of service attack that can be performed on Discord servers to reduce the server bandwidth and make it unusable. However, DDoS attacks are illegal and can be a punishable offense by law.

If you plan to carry out a DDoS attack, make sure to check your local laws and use an alternate account to carry out the attack so you will not get banned by Discord.

If you are trying to perform a DDoS attack against a user, then you will be able to do that only if you have their IP address. However, you will need to trick the user into giving their IP address to you. There are many ways to do that, such as using an IP grabber link.

How to DDos a Discord server using a botnet?

DDoS in a Discord server can only be done if:

  • The server is a public community.

  • The server is private, and you can create an invite to it.

Now you'll need to create a botnet using the methods listed above for Mass Dms, i.e., by using a proxy or buying tokens. Once you are ready with your bot army, the attack will begin on the server. Now you'll need to create an invite in the target server.

The best way to do so is by creating an invite using an alt account, as the server admins may ban you if they see the invite using which the bots joined.

Now when the invite is ready, we'll start inviting the bots into the server. This can be done with a script or using the tools listed above. You'll also need to create a script to spam messages in all the channels.

Now let your bots make the sound and create chaos. Sit back and enjoy! Spamming in chats and using voice chats will make the server use more bandwidth, and eventually, the server will crash.

Remember, the two important points are creating an invite using an alt account and using tons of bots to make a huge impact.

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