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Google Snake Game Mods: Use Mods For Snake Games?

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

The OG snake game is back but with some legendary customizations. In this guide, you'll learn how to use Google snake game mods to make your gaming experience a little more interesting. Read this guide to learn how.

Google snake game mods

To play the game, you'll just need to write "snake game" in the search box of your Google browser, and the snake game menu will pop up for you. There are also various games like minesweeper, Pacman, memory games, and many others that you can try.

And now, you have options to customize the game with various features. You can use mods like a dark mod, cheese mod, vibrant color, and twin mod. In this guide, we'll see all the various google snake game mods available.

Table Of Contents

What are Google Snake Game Mods?

The old classic snake game that is popular among people of almost all ages now has some twists. Google embedded the classic in its search engine so everyone can have some fun anytime, anywhere.

The best part is we'll modify the classic so that you can enjoy and have more fun. The mod will require us to use some extensions discussed below. The mods are not developed by google itself and google does not officially endorse or support them. They are made by third-party programmers.

The mod extensions are available on GitHub and can be added to chrome by importing it as a bookmark file. These mods help us to have enhanced graphics, new snake skins, changing background music, and much more.

How to unlock mod menu in google snake game?

To use Google snake game mods you'll first need to install the mod menu from Google. It is done by the installation of GitHub and the process is quite complex. But don't worry we've got you, follow the steps below to install and play the snake game mod.

Step1: Download Google Snake Menu from GitHub

google snake game mod github

Step 2: Download the Modmenu.html file or you can click on it and simply press the bookmark hyperlink to bookmark the menu.

Step 3: Now open your browser's bookmark menu. You can do it by pressing Ctrl+Shift+O to open the bookmark menu.

Step 4: Open the bookmark manager, then click on the "Import and Backup" tab

chrome bookmark menu

Step 5: Now select the "Modmenu.html" file that you downloaded from Github.

snake game award

And that's it now you'll be able to use the mod menu in the snake game. Refresh the tab and you'll see a "gear" icon that can be used to modify the game settings. Now, you'll be able to change the snake's appearance, skins, background music, and a lot of other stuff.

8 Best Google snake game mods

In this section, we have added the best 5 active mods for the snake game in google search. You just need to download the mod and follow the same process given above to add and play it.

Mouse mod for Google Snake

This is one of my favorite mods that lets you play the game using your mouse. This means now you don't need to click on multiple buttons to play the game. And you can move in any direction in the grid.

You can activate this mod after downloading and then clicking on the bookmark while playing the game.

snake game mouse mod

Download (Free)

Dark Mode Mod

The favorite thing of Gamers is, dark mode is now available in the snake game using the dark mode mod. To add this mod to your browser you can follow the steps given above. Alternatively, you can copy & paste the code given in the custom_color_scheme.txt file in your browser.

Here's how:

Step 1: Press Ctrl+Shift+I in your chrome tab to open the inspect menu tab.

Step 2: Open the console and select custom_color_scheme.js and paste the code.


snake game dark mode mod

Step 3: Close the inspect element tab and enjoy the game.

Download (Free)

Any Board Size in Google Snake

Using this mod. you can change the board size of the snake game. You can make it as large as your screen.

To use it just click on the link below and copy the code from size.js into your google chrome's "Console" menu. To open the console menu right click on your mouse and click on the "inspect element" button

Download (Free)

Google Snake Animated Colors

snake game mod animated

When you use this mod, it lets you have different animated patterns in your game grid. It makes you feel dizzy if you'll play for too long on these tiles. Definitely worth a try, right?

To install this mod this process is the same i.e to import the bookmark and open it. Alternatively, you can copy the code and paste it into your browser's console file.

Download (Free)

Timekeeper Mod for Google Snake

This mod helps you to keep track of your fastest times and high scores for all modes. It's simple to install as you just need to download the Timekeeper.html file and import it as a bookmark.

It also enables you to set statistics manually. Where you can set fake personal best scores and flex with your friends.

Download (Free)

Twin Mod

This is one of my favorites where your snake can have two heads and a unique mode to play. In this way, you can eat food from both sides of the head. Don't let both heads collide with each other or it's game over.

To install this mod all you need to do is to search for the term and download the resources available.

Two Cool Mods You can use in Google Snake Game

Here are two cool mods you can use to make your Google Snake Game experience even more fun.

Classic Snake Mod

classic snake mod google

The first mod we want to share with you is the Classic Snake Mod. As you might guess from the name, this mod takes the classic version of the game and adds some new features to it. For example, you can change the skin of your snake to something more interesting than the standard green. You can also change the background of the game to make it look different.

Another cool feature of this mod is that you can adjust the difficulty level. If you're finding the game too easy or too hard, you can change the settings to make it just right for you.

Multiplayer Snake Mod

multiplayer snake mod

The second mod we want to share with you is the Multiplayer Snake Mod. This mod allows you to play the game with other people online. You can compete against other players to see who can get the highest score. It's a lot of fun to play against other people, and it adds a whole new level of challenge to the game.

To play the Multiplayer Snake Mod, you'll need to connect to the internet and find a server that hosts the game. Once you're connected, you'll be able to play against other players from all over the world.

How to find more Google Snake Game Mods

If you are looking for more Google Snake game mods then you can find them on this GitHub page.

It is a repository maintained by DarkSnakeGang where you can find loads of mods including Combined mods.

If you need more mods you can search the terms on google below:

  • Classic Mode

  • Blender Mods

  • Peaceful Mode

  • Portal Mode

  • Key Unlock Mode

  • Infinity Border Mode

To play some of the modes you can directly play them in the game as Google added modes Blender and Classic in the snake game itself.

How to remove a Google Snake game mod?

If you have installed the mod using a bookmark, then you can simply remove the mod by pressing Ctrl+Shift+O to open the bookmark tab and then clicking on "Remove Bookmark" to remove the snake game mod.

If you have installed the mod by pasting the Javascript code in your console menu, then you can remove it by closing the tab or even by refreshing the tab will load the original javascript code and will remove the mods.

Final Words

Google Snake game is an old-school classic fun game that evokes nostalgia and is good for a leisure time killer. Choose to survive for longer with these mods. Now, it's your turn to use these mods on the gameplay. Also, don't forget to have fun playing the game.


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