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How To Add Bots To Discord Server - The Ulitmate Guide

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

If you run a Discord server, you get a wide variety of options to improve your member experience. And one of those features is Discord bots. Once you learn how to add these bots, customizing your server will become very simple.

Discord allows you to add feature-rich bots to your server when customizing a Discord server and adding new features. So, here is a guide on how to add bots to Discord server in 2022.

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Discord bots help ease the complexity of Discord, including the automation of welcoming new members, banning troublemakers, and moderating the discussion. Some bots even add music or games to your server.

How to find & add bots to Discord in 2022

Before trying to understand how to add a bot to a Discord server, let's take a look at how and where you can find discord bots.

There are a lot of sites out there where you can find the most used discord bots. You can check the following sites to find bots for your server: (visit)

Carbonitex (visit)

GitHub (visit)

DiscordBotList (visit)

How to add Bots to Discord in 2022 (Desktop)

Adding a bot to your server is quite simple once you get how to add it.

First, you need to log in to your Discord in your browser. Afterward, select the bot you want to add from one of the listed sites above.

I assume you have already selected the bot you want to add to your discord server. Now, let's start with the setup.

1. Setup Administrator Permissions

Log into your account via the discord client or a web browser. Then select the server you want to add your bot into.

  1. Click on the dropdown, i.e., next to your servers name

  2. Click on Server Settings

  3. Then click on Manage Roles >> Select the role you want to give Administrator to

  4. Click Save Changes

Note: Only the roles you give permissions can add bots to your server. Remember that you allow trusted members to access roles with administrator permissions.

2. Select the bot you want to add

After setting up the admin permissions, you need to find and select the bot you want to add to your Discord server. You can easily find bots from the listing sites listed above.

In this guide, we are going to see how to add and set up a discord music bot called Hydra.

Hydra is the most used Discord music bot, which also offers other features like reaction roles and much more.

You can get the link to add this music bot by visiting the official site of Hydra here.

3. Select the Discord server

Once you click on the invite button, you'll be redirected to the Discord OAuth page, where you'll be asked to select the server you want to add the music bot.


After selecting the server, review the bot's permissions on your server. You can select/deselect according to your needs. Click on "Authorize" when you're ready.

Congratulations, you've successfully added a bot to your server. Yes, it's easy as that. We have covered how to add bots to Discord server on mobile phones below.

Let's see how to configure bots. What's good in adding a bot if you can't use it?

How to configure Discord Bots

Now that you have a bot ready to use on your server, let's see how to use it. For that, we have to visit the official website of the bot. In our case, we'll go to the official website of the Hydra music bot.

After logging in, the homepage will have "Dashboard" and "Commands" buttons. Click on the dashboard button.

When you click on the dashboard button, it'll ask you to select the server you want to configure the bot in.


After selecting the server, it'll open up the dashboard where you can change the prefix of the bot, set music commands, add reaction roles, and create embed messages with the hydra bot in your server.

You can continue to tweak the settings until you feel comfortable. At last, don't forget to log out when you're done to keep your account safe.

You'll also find a "Command" section where you can read the bot's documentation and learn about the commands the bot has to offer.

How to add Bots to Discord in 2022 (Android & iOS)

You can not only add bots from a desktop but also from a mobile web browser. Here's how:

  1. Open a bot listing site such as After that, select the bot you want to add to your Discord server.

  2. You'll see a red "Invite" button. If you have not logged in yet, sign in with your discord id and password on the next page.

3. Once logged in, you'll see the authorization page of that bot. Here you have to select the server and review the permissions of that Discord bot. You can change the permissions according to your needs.

And that's it. Now you can access it in your Discord app via the bot commands that can be found in the documentation part of the bot's website.

Popular Discord Bots

Now that you know how to add bots to Discord server. Let's see what bots you should have on your server. Here is a list of some popular Discord bots ranging from fun, music, and utility bots that you must have on your server.

Mee6 - Mee6 is a multipurpose utility bot having features ranging from auto-moderation, reaction roles, welcome messages, and a chat leveling system. Used by almost 19+ servers, including official gaming servers like Pubg, Minecraft, etc.

Dank memer - This is one of the most popular fun bots that is used by millions of Discord servers. This bot provides 100+ meme commands to keep your server's audience engaged.

Mudae - This bot is famous among the anime lover's community. Having a database of 80,000 anime/game characters: make and customize the best collection on your server. 400 commands, multiplayer games, and more!


How can I add music bots to my Discord server?

Adding a music bot is the same as adding any other bots. In our guide, we have covered how to add a music bot called Hydra. You can easily find a bunch of music bots for discord in listing sites like the or Discord bot list.

How can I add Discord bots to my server on mobile?

You can add a Discord bot through your mobile phone by logging into the Discord web client through a browser like Google Chrome or Opera. The process is the same as adding a Discord bot on a desktop.

I am unable to add bots to my Discord server.

This can be caused by multiple issues. Check if you don't have "manage server" permissions in the server you are trying to add the bot. If you don't have the permissions contact a server admin and request permission to add bots to the server. This can be done by going into server settings >> Manage Roles >> Manage Server, and this should give you the permissions to add bots to the Discord server.

Can I add bots to any Discord server?

Yes, you can add bots to any Discord server. The only thing is that you should have the Manage Messages permission on that server.


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