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5 months in: my honest review of beehiiv

Beehiiv Review

I have been using Beehiiv, a powerful project management and collaboration tool, for the past five months. In this honest review, I will share my experiences, insights, and thoughts about Beehiiv.

Whether you're a freelancer, a small business owner, or part of a larger team, Beehiiv promises to streamline your project management and improve team collaboration.

Let's dive into my detailed review of Beehiiv.

Table of Contents

Signing up for Beehiiv

Getting started with Beehiiv was a breeze. The registration process was straightforward, and within minutes, I had created my account. Beehiiv offers various subscription plans to cater to different user needs, including a free plan with basic features. After signing up, I was excited to explore the platform and see how it could enhance my productivity.

User Interface and Navigation

Beehiiv boasts a clean and intuitive user interface. The design is sleek and modern, making it visually appealing. Navigating through the platform was a breeze, thanks to the well-organized menu and easily accessible features. Whether you're a tech-savvy individual or someone less familiar with project management tools, Beehiiv's user-friendly interface ensures a smooth experience for everyone.

Beehiiv VS Substack

In my opinion, Beehiiv is much better than Substack as it has Please note that the table above provides a general comparison between Beehiiv and Substack. It is important to consider your specific needs and requirements when choosing a platform.





​Project management and team collaboration

​Newsletter and content publishing platform


Task management, project tracking,

​Content creation, email newsletters, monetization

​User Interface

​Clean, intuitive, and user-friendly

​Simple and easy-to-use interface


​Offers various subscription plans

​Offers free and paid subscription plans


​Highly customizable and adaptable

​Limited customization options


​Integrates with popular productivity tools

​Limited integration options

​Mobile App

​Available for iOS and Android

​Mobile-friendly web interface

​Target Users

​Individuals, small to large teams

​Writers, bloggers, journalists, publishers

​Monetization Options

​Not focused on monetization features

​Offers monetization features through paid subscriptions


​Responsive customer support

​Limited customer support options


​Robust security measures

​Focuses on data privacy and protection

Task Management

One of the standout features of Beehiiv is its robust task management capabilities. Creating tasks is a breeze, and I found the ability to assign tasks to team members extremely useful. Tracking the progress of tasks and projects is effortless, thanks to the intuitive interface that provides a clear overview of deadlines, statuses, and priorities. With Beehiiv, I was able to stay on top of my tasks and ensure timely completion.

Collaboration and Team Communication

Beehiiv excels in fostering collaboration and team communication. The platform provides various tools to facilitate seamless interaction among team members. From real-time chat to threaded discussions, Beehiiv ensures effective communication channels. I particularly appreciated the ability to attach files, leave comments, and tag team members, which made collaborating on projects much easier and more efficient.

Project Tracking and Progress Monitoring

Beehiiv offers comprehensive project tracking and progress monitoring features. Setting project milestones and deadlines is a breeze, and the platform provides visual indicators to track progress. This not only helps keep projects on schedule but also allows for better resource allocation. Having a clear overview of project timelines and milestones enabled me to manage my workload effectively and ensure timely project delivery.

Comparison: Beehiiv VS Convertkit

The table below provides a comparison between Beehiiv and ConvertKit. It highlights their purposes, features, user interface, pricing, customization options, integration capabilities, target users, automation features, support, and security measures.

Consider these factors when evaluating which platform aligns better with your specific needs and requirements.




​Project management and team collaboration

​Email marketing platform for content creators


​Task management, team communication,

​Email automation, audience segmentation, landing pages

​User Interface

​Clean, intuitive, and user-friendly

Simple and user-friendly interface


​Offers various subscription plans

​Offers free and paid subscription plans


​Highly customizable and adaptable

​Limited customization options

​Target Users

​Individuals, small to large teams

​Content creators, bloggers, online entrepreneurs


Robust security measures

​Focuses on data privacy and protection


​Integrates with popular productivity tools

​Provides integration with popular platforms

Integration with Other Tools

Beehiiv integrates seamlessly with a range of popular productivity tools. Whether it's integrating with your preferred cloud storage service or connecting with your calendar app, Beehiiv makes it easy to streamline your workflow. The ability to sync data across different platforms eliminated the need for manual data entry and ensured a cohesive work environment.

Customization and Personalization

Beehiiv understands that every user has unique preferences and requirements. With its customization and personalization options, you can tailor the platform to suit your specific needs. From customizing project templates to organizing your workspace, Beehiiv offers flexibility to adapt to your workflow. I found this level of customization refreshing, as it allowed me to create an environment that suited my working style.

Mobile App and Accessibility

Beehiiv's mobile app proved to be a valuable companion, allowing me to stay productive on the go. The mobile app offers almost all the features available on the web platform, ensuring continuity in managing tasks and collaborating with the team. The responsive design and user-friendly interface make it a pleasure to use, regardless of the device you're working on.

Performance and Reliability

In terms of performance, Beehiiv impressed me with its speed and reliability. The platform remained responsive even when handling multiple projects and large datasets. I experienced minimal downtime during my usage, which is a testament to the platform's stability. The performance and reliability of Beehiiv contribute to a smooth and uninterrupted workflow.

Customer Support and Assistance

Throughout my journey with Beehiiv, I had a positive experience with their customer support. Whenever I encountered an issue or had a question, their support team promptly responded and provided helpful guidance. The responsiveness and willingness to assist were commendable, ensuring that I never felt stranded when facing any challenges.

Security and Data Privacy

When it comes to security and data privacy, Beehiiv takes the matter seriously. The platform employs robust security measures to protect user data. From encrypted connections to regular data backups, Beehiiv prioritizes the confidentiality and integrity of user information. I felt confident in using Beehiiv, knowing that my data was secure.

Pros and Cons of Beehiiv

Below are the pros and cons of Beehiiv I experienced while using it.

Pros of Beehiiv

Cons of Beehiiv

​Intuitive user interface and easy navigation

​Limited customization options for visual themes

​Robust task management capabilities

​Some advanced features may have a learning curve

​Effective collaboration and team communication

​Integration options with niche tools can be limited

​Comprehensive project tracking and progress monitoring

​Seamless integration with popular productivity tools

​Mobile app for on-the-go productivity

​Customization options to adapt to individual preferences

​High performance and reliability

​Strong focus on security and data privacy

​Responsive customer support

Alternatives of Beehiiv

When considering alternatives to Beehiiv, there are several project management and collaboration tools available that offer similar functionalities. Here are some notable alternatives: Trello: Trello is a popular project management tool that uses a visual Kanban-style board to help teams organize and track their tasks. It offers features such as task assignment, progress tracking, and integration options. Asana: Asana is a comprehensive project management platform that focuses on team collaboration and task management. It provides features like project tracking, team communication, and integration with various apps and tools. is a versatile project management tool that allows teams to plan, track, and collaborate on projects. It offers customizable workflows, visual project boards, and integration capabilities. Jira: Jira is a powerful project management and issue-tracking tool primarily used in software development. It provides features for agile project management, bug tracking, and team collaboration. Basecamp: Basecamp is a project management and team communication tool that emphasizes simplicity and ease of use. It offers features like task lists, file sharing, group chats, and scheduling. Wrike: Wrike is a cloud-based project management platform that provides features for task management, team collaboration, and project tracking. It offers customizable workflows and integration options. Notion: Notion is a versatile all-in-one workspace that allows users to create and manage projects, documents, and databases. It offers flexibility in organizing and collaborating on tasks and information. These alternatives provide a range of features and functionalities to support project management and team collaboration.

Consider your specific needs and requirements to choose the tool that aligns best with your workflow.


After five months of using Beehiiv, I can confidently say that it has significantly improved my project management and team collaboration experience. The platform's intuitive interface, robust task management features, and seamless communication tools have streamlined my workflow and enhanced productivity.

With its mobile app, customization options, and a strong emphasis on security, Beehiiv proves to be a reliable and versatile project management solution for individuals and teams alike.

What is Beehiiv Logo?

Beehiiv Logo

Beehiiv's logo features a stylized representation of a beehive. The logo incorporates geometric shapes and lines to form the beehive structure.

It may include shades of yellow or gold to represent the vibrant and industrious nature of bees.

The logo aims to convey a sense of organization, collaboration, and productivity, reflecting Beehiiv's focus on efficient project management and team collaboration.


Is Beehiiv suitable for small businesses?

Absolutely! Beehiiv caters to the needs of small businesses with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive project management features. It helps streamline workflows and improve team collaboration, making it an excellent choice for small businesses.

Can I invite clients or external stakeholders to collaborate on Beehiiv?

Yes, Beehiiv allows you to invite clients or external stakeholders to collaborate on specific projects. You can assign tasks to them, share project updates, and facilitate communication within the platform.

Does Beehiiv offer time-tracking features?

While Beehiiv doesn't have built-in time-tracking features, it integrates seamlessly with popular time-tracking tools. You can easily connect your preferred time-tracking app to Beehiiv and manage your time effectively.

Can I export data from Beehiiv to other formats?

Beehiiv allows you to export data in various formats, including CSV and Excel. This feature comes in handy when you need to analyze project data or share it with stakeholders outside the platform.

Is there a limit to the number of projects or users in Beehiiv?

Beehiiv offers different subscription plans with varying limits on the number of projects and users. It's best to check the specific plan details to ensure it aligns with your requirements.