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best anime discord servers

Today we have short-listed the top 10 best anime discord servers, which will give you a whole new experience of the weeb world :) So let's get started.

If you're an anime fan looking for a place to chat with like-minded individuals, then look no further than Discord! Discord is a popular chat platform that allows users to create and join communities known as servers. These servers can be public or private, and they can be dedicated to any topic or interest, including anime.

If you are on a mobile phone, directly click on the server names in the "table of contents" to get the server link directly.

Table of Contents

Selection Criteria for the Best Anime Servers

The anime Discord servers listed in the blog have the following criteria used to select them:

  1. Active community: All of the servers listed have a large and active community, with at least 5,000 members. This indicates that they are popular and well-established servers with a lot of ongoing activity and engagement.

  2. Variety of channels: Each server listed has a variety of channels dedicated to different topics, including different anime genres, manga, gaming, and more. This ensures that there are plenty of opportunities to engage with the community on a variety of topics.

  3. Positive community culture: All of the servers listed are described as having a friendly and welcoming community culture. This indicates that they are safe and supportive spaces where members can feel comfortable being themselves and engaging with others.

  4. Moderation: While the blog doesn't specifically mention moderation, it's likely that the servers listed have active moderation teams that enforce clear rules and guidelines to ensure that the community remains positive and enjoyable for all members.

Overall, the servers listed in the blog were likely selected based on their popularity, variety of channels, positive community culture, and active engagement.


Best Anime Discord Servers

Below is the list of best anime servers available on Discord:

1. Chill Heaven | The Chillest Anime Social Community

groovy bot livecount feud google google feud hydra bot dashboard luminous

About - Chill Heaven is a wonderful community where you can meet new people! We have given away more than 500 Discord Nitros! What are you waiting for?!

💬 Active Chatting Server (15,000,000+ messages)

🎙 Super active voice chats & music channels!

⭐️ 500+ COOLEST Discord Emotes with 14 huge emotes!

🚀 $1,000+ worth of giveaways (500+ Nitro Giveaways)

🍰 Anime channels, cool server design & our own OCs!

🗣️ Fun & Active Anime Social Community

🤩 Coolest booster perks & booster events

🎵 Active voice chats & 24/7 music bots

🤖 Best bots, Premium bots, and custom bots!

🎮 Gaming, Gambling zone, Dank Memer channels (Dank Memer premium)

💻 Friendly staff ready to support & moderate

🌈 Very organized and welcoming community

💝 Crazy Events, Movie Nights, and more!

2. E-Girl Paradise | Anime ⋆ Social ⋆ Stickers, Emotes

xenon bot type racer pollo game loggy gameflix hug watch 2gether kiss gif

About - Everyone is welcome in our community, 720,000+ members and growing daily! An amazing community to feel like you're at home!

  • Top E-Girl Anime Social Community.

  • Many e-Girls and e-Boys!

  • 500+ BEST Emotes and many customs emotes & stickers.

  • $1,000+ worth of Giveaways (500+ Nitro Giveaways)

  • Anime channels, cool server design & our own OCs!

  • Coolest booster perks & booster events

  • Friendly staff ready to support & moderate

  • A very organized and welcoming community

  • 24/7 Active music bots

  • Crazy Events, Movie Nights, and more!

  • Extremely Fun Channels to browse. Don't miss out!

  • Gaming, Gambling, Dank Memer, waifu-bot, pokemon channels.

  • And a lot more to offer!

3. E-Girl World | Social・VC・Chill ・Anime

kang taehyun uber suggers anime heaven chat hub anime planet lpl live streaming

About - A Brand New Fun & Addictive community! ☆ ACTIVE VC's & Chats! 🎁 & much more! Join us!

E-Girl World is a place where you can meet new people from all around the world and have fun 💬

  • Different media channels for sharing pictures of your pets

  • Custom bot with Custom Points Economy,

  • Variety of fun game bots such as dank meme, poketwo & more!

  • Just released a couple days ago, expect a lot of content in the coming weeks 👀

4. Angel | anime ⋆ social ⋆ wholesome ⋆ gaming

discord servers server discord rythm bot anime frenzy  server discord mee6

About - 🩰 ⸝⸝ wholesome & welcoming

🏩 ⸝⸝ giveaways & events

🍥 ⸝⸝ variety of custom roles

💒 ⸝⸝ cute and simple layout

5. Hangout Cafe ♡ Social • Emotes • Gaming • Fun

mythpat dynamo gaming discord download download  bots for discorddiscord

About - 🌸500+ Best Emotes

🍜 Lots of Stickers

🥟 $600 of Nitro Giveaways

🍙 Welcoming and Positive Community

❗️ Fun Events

🏮 Active chat & 24/7 VC

˚๑ ༉‧₊˚ 13+ & 100% SFW, aesthetic server

₊˚๑༉‧₊˚ Daily Nitro Giveaways and monthly $250 Giveaway!

₊˚๑༉‧₊˚ Daily cool and unique events

₊˚๑༉‧₊˚ Many popular economy bots!

₊˚๑༉‧₊˚ Unique Theme of the server including 500 cool emotes!

6. A crumb of egirls pls

discord bots discord anime discord anime servers discord anime pfp

About - 🌸 Catgirls maid cafe themed

• Movie, game, karoke night, etc

• Giveaways

• 500 emotes

The #1 most active social server - Maids cafe themed server; never ending chatter in text and voice channels! you'll never feel alone here!

  • One of the top anime social discord Communities! We make sure you feel as if you belong!

  • Feeling sad, lonely, need someone to talk to, or simply want friends? This is the place!

  • A simple layout

  • Moderators who care

  • Daily nitro and paypal giveaways!

  • 24/7 active chats & vcs, we never sleep!

  • Tons of events via movie, game, karaoke, etc.

  • 3:1 female to male ratio

  • 500 amazing emotes, including cute custom emotes, that you'd love to use!

  • Own custom bot, consisting of vc levels, economy & so much more..

7. ChillBar | Social ・ Chatting ・ Voice ・ Anime

discord anime otaku discord anime discord anime emoji discord anime pfp discord anime servers discord anime gif discord anime emotes discord anime bots discord anime emoji server discord anime themes discord anime stickers discord anime emoji pack discord anime gif emojis discord anime server icon discord anime dating server discord anime easter egg discord anime wallpaper discord for anime discord anime card game usernames for discord anime discord anime animated emojis discord anime group discord anime emoji gif discord anime edits discord anime animated profile picture discord anime fighting simulator discord anime banner maker discord anime ita discord anime names discord anime channels discord anime sound

About - 💬 Social

⭐ Meet New People

🔊 24/7 VC

💝 Anime

⭐ 500+ Emotes

Chillbar is a wonderful place where you can meet new people! There are a vast array of clubs and roles. So many that it will make your head hurt. What's that, you say? Do you have a gambling addiction?! Well, not to worry, there are gambling channels where everyone can gamble away all their money and beg for money from other members. cough What are you waiting for?!

  • 💠 500 emotes

  • 🎎 Anime

  • 🎵 Active voice chats

  • 🎭 Friendly community

  • 📰 Giveaways & Events

  • 💻 Custom bots & Gambling

  • 🎉 Special roles

  • 🎌 Clubs

  • 🎮 Gaming

  • 🌲 Minecraft Server

  • 🏵 And a lot more!

8. Daddy / Dadscord | Social • Chill • Anime

discord anime discord anime emoji discord anime pfp discord anime servers discord anime gif discord anime emotes discord anime bots discord anime emoji server discord anime themes discord anime stickers discord anime emoji pack discord anime gif emojis discord anime server icon discord anime dating server discord anime easter egg discord anime wallpaper discord for anime discord anime card game usernames for discord anime discord anime animated emojis discord anime group discord anime emoji gif discord anime edits discord anime animated profile picture discord anime fighting simulator discord anime banner maker discord anime ita discord anime names discord anime channels discord anime sound

About - #1 Most Active Social Server For Everyone To

• Hangout

• Play Games

• Watch Anime,

• Join Events & Giveaways!

This multi-purpose discord server allows everyone to socialize, chill, and make new friends. Hang out in VCs, play games, participate in fun events and enjoy a server full of activity. If you enjoy discord, you'll enjoy this server. This discord server is the entire experience all in one.

9. Sakura Onsen | Art & Anime Discord

discord anime emojis discord anime emoji discord anime pfp discord anime servers discord anime gif discord anime emotes discord anime bot discord anime server discord anime bots discord anime emoji server discord anime themes better discord anime themes discord anime emotes server discord anime emoji pack discord anime gif emojis discord anime easter egg discord anime roleplay server emoji for discord anime discord anime emoji gif discord anime dating servers

About - # Active Anime Community

✨ Art Events

✨ Friendly Fun Chats

✨ Anime Card Game

✨ Anime / Art Server with Stickers and 500 weeb emotes.

They also host big art contests with their amazing art community from time to time! If you like anime or are an inspiring artist, this is the server for you!

10. Chil Space | Chat • Emotes • Gaming • Fun

Chill Space Discord

About - Chill Space is an amazing place to meet new people/friends!!!

Have plenty of fun and wonderful roles and events, daily giveaways, and the best emotes!

  • 500 EPIC Emotes

  • Fun & Active Social Server

  • Daily Nitro Giveaways (Over 300 Discord Nitro's given away!)

  • The Best Booster Perks

  • Active Voice Chat

  • Best Bots, Premium Bots, and Custom Bots too

  • Gaming, Dank memer zone, and Gambling too

  • We have Anime Zone, Anime Chats, Anime emotes too

  • Friendly and Active Staffs

  • Very Neat & Organised server

  • Gaming events, Nitro Events, Movie night and much more!!!


Waifu's Region | Anime & Comfort

discord for anime usernames for discord anime discord for anime lovers themes for discord anime discord for anime mania

About - *゚+.*.。 A Waifu Themed Anime & Gaming server!* 。

*゚+..。 *400+ Emojis!* 。

*゚+.*.。 A non-toxic & welcoming community! 。

*゚+..。 A friendly staff team! 。

*゚+..。 Chatting roles with perks exclusive to them! 。

*゚+..。 Daily Nitro Drops & other giveaways!


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